Aalto Wood Bridges in the center of Kajaani for all users

26.06.2020 | News

There aren’t many city centres where it is possible to go fishing next to ancient castle ruins and then enjoy sitting by the campfire on an island, admiring the landscape  of a river just afterwards.


Heritage landscape requires just the right bridge infrastructure

The two newly installed Aalto Wood Bridges connect the islands of Karttu and Limppu to the culturally significant riverside park landscape of central Kajaani. The local authorities wanted to provide an opportunity for comfortable experiences in a down-to-earth way. A riverbank development plan was launched for a central, historically significant site.


“The proportions of the structure and the suitability of the bridges for the landscape made us choose Aalto Haitek. We specifically wanted a wooden, slender arch bridge. WLT ® -technology was also interesting and enabled such a bridge. In addition, we value Finnish work and production as well as environmental aspects,” says Anu Elfving, an engineer in the city of Kajaani, Finland.


Cost-effective development of the tourism industry

The tourism industry plays a significant role in the Kainuu region, with Kajaani as its regional center. Domestic tourism is expected to grow and therefore the city will also be developed with tourists and local hikers in mind. In addition, the city aims to be a comfortable place for its local dwellers.


“The site has become instantly popular, which is the highest praise from our perspective! Bridges have also been praised for their appearance. Arch bridges fit perfectly into the river landscape. In addition, a tar color was chosen for the bridges, which we considered most suitable for the history of the area and the Kajaani River. The Kajaan River (Kajaaninjoki) was once an important route for the delivery of tar by rowboat to Oulu,” says Elfving.


Kainutlaatuista! Aalto Wood Bridge is suitable for unique places

Elfving encourages exploration of arch bridges made with WLT ®. Aalto Wood Bridges have been placed in the unique landscapes of the Kajaani River, close to the Market Square and the river banks. Bridges in the recreational area must be curved just enough to make principles of accessibility a reality, suitable for all users.

The local expression ‘Kainutlaatuista!’ which is a play on words that roughly translates to ‘Kainuu is really unique!’ is how Elfving sums it all up. The Aalto Wood Bridge fits perfectly with the local expression. Perhaps this comes as no surprise given that poet (and physician-folklorist) Elias Lönnrot, was influential in Kajaani in the 19th century.

Aalto Wood Bridge: Made from a renewable resource, mostly pine, into glue-free massive timber. Bridges are built using Aalto Haitek’s patented WLT® (Wave Layered Timber) method, which makes the bridges strong and easy to assemble, dismantle and transport to a new location.

Common places to use the Aalto Wood Bridges include: yards, parks, green areas, forest trails, outdoor, fitness and snowmobile trails. Bridges are just one of the products designed and manufactured with Aalto Haitek’s WLT® method, which focuses on ecological, economic and aesthetic values. The company is part of Finland’s growing bio and circular economy.


Just watch the video to learn how convenient it is to install the Aalto Wood Bridge on a beautiful hiking trail in Jämsänkallio, Finland.

AALTO HAITEK on kestävän kehityksen edelläkävijä, joka suunnittelee, kehittää ja tuottaa innovatiivisia sekä terveellisiä tuotteita puurakennusalan tarpeisiin. Toiminnassamme patentoidut teknologiamme yhdistyvät kuuden sukupolven mittaiseen kokemukseen. Olemme osa Suomen kasvavaa bio- ja kiertotaloutta.

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