Aalto Wood Bridges part of the science center Heureka wood exhibition

23.06.2020 | News

The Wild Wild Wood exhibition, which delights the five senses, is based on science and is at the same time a journey of experiences for the whole family. The showcase utilizes Finnish design and provides both information and activities. The Aalto Wood Bridge is part of an exhibition focusing on the diverse properties and possibilities of wood.


Aalto Wood Bridge serves as an insightful part of the infrastructure

“We also wanted to talk about the use of wood in infrastructure, especially bridges. From the beginning, our idea was that visitors could build a wooden bridge themselves. We had different ideas in this regard, until we noticed that Aalto Haitek had a bridge ready for just that.” says exhibition manager Jussi Kahlos from Heureka.


The role of wood products in climate change

Wood is a carbon deposit crucial for building sustainable societies. The exhibition broadens the understanding of the role of wood products in carbon capture and storage. The versatile use of wood in the fight against climate change in an ecologically, economically, socially and culturally sustainable way is taking development in the right direction.


Cost-effective Aalto Wood Bridge with WLT® technology

The WLT ® (Wave Layered Timber) method, developed and patented by Aalto Haitek, aims to take into account the widespread use of wood. Aalto Wood Bridges, buildings and structures implemented with WLT® have been delivered to a wide variety of locations in Finland. Cost-effective and glue-free Aalto Wood Bridges are strong and suitable, thanks to the component structure, for transporting even in difficult places.


Aalto Haitek rejoices at Heureka’s success – Berlin show breaks previous visitor records

Aalto Haitek participated in the exhibition that broke Heureka’s previous visitor records in Berlin in the summer of 2019. The Wild Wild Wood exhibition joined Finland’s EU Presidency and was on display at the Nordic Embassy Complex.

The most recent Wild Wild Wood (named SuperPUU in Finnish) exhibition opened in Heureka in June 2020 will remain open for almost a year. This is Heureka’s constantly changing exhibition, which covers 650 square meters. The Wild Wild Wood exhibition is intended to travel from Heureka to science centers around the world. Heureka’s exhibitions abroad have previously had about 20 million visitors. A favourable number of visitors to the Heureka domestic exhibition is expected, as domestic tourism rises.

Heureka’s partners in the Wild Wild Wood exhibition are the Wood Building Programme of the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, the Federation of Finnish Woodworking Industries, the Finnish Forest Foundation, Metsä Wood, Stora Enso, UPM Plywood, Isku, Novart and Versowood.

Check out Heureka’s  Wild Wild Wood exhibition 6/2020 – 1/2022 and see here.

The main star of the video is the aesthetic, strong Aaltosilta: Youtube.

Aalto Wood Bridge: Made from a renewable resource, mostly pine, into a glue-free massive wood. Aalto Wood Bridges are built using Aalto Haitek’s patented WLT® (Wave Layered Timber) method, which makes the bridges strong and easy to assemble, dismantle and transport event to a remote place, with difficult access.

Common uses for Aalto Wood Bridges include yards, parks, green areas, forest trails, outdoor, fitness and snowmobile trails. The bridges are one of the products designed and manufactured by Aalto Haitek using the WLT® method, which focuses on ecological, economic and aesthetic values. The company is part of Finland’s growing bio and circular economy.

Watch the video for how convenient it is to install the Aalto Wood Bridge on a hiking trail.

AALTO HAITEK on kestävän kehityksen edelläkävijä, joka suunnittelee, kehittää ja tuottaa innovatiivisia sekä terveellisiä tuotteita puurakennusalan tarpeisiin. Toiminnassamme patentoidut teknologiamme yhdistyvät kuuden sukupolven mittaiseen kokemukseen. Olemme osa Suomen kasvavaa bio- ja kiertotaloutta.

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