Billing information

We use electronic invoicing in our company. We hope to receive invoices primarily in electronic form. If your company does not have the ability to send e-invoices or send email invoices, you can send paper invoices to the scanning service address. We do not accept invoices at our visit address. Read more about paper and email invoices below.


E-invoicing address: 003728087195

Operator: Maventa (003721291126)


Paper invoicing

Invoicing address:

Aalto Haitek Oy
P.O. box 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

Email invoicing

Email-invoicing address:

Receiving invoices trough mail for scanning

Address details must be complete on both the invoice and the envelope, so that the invoice can be sent quickly and reliably to the recipient. Scanning service only for invoices. These mails are automatically credited to our company accounts, and no other material reaches its recipient through it.

Receiving invoices trough email for scanning

Invoices are sent as PDF attachments to the email, and the invoice attachments must be in the same file as the invoice itself.

  • You can send multiple invoices in one email as long as each invoice is a separate attachment. All files must have a different name.
  • The maximum size of one email is 5Mb
  • PDFs must be genuine PDF documents (PDF version 1.3 or later)
  • PDT files must not be locked or password protected
  • The maximum outside dimension of the document is 210×297 mm
  • Allowed characters in the attachment name are the usual characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9. Please do not use special characters to name attachments.

Aalto Haitek Ltd. is a leading sustainable company that designs, develops and manufactures innovative, healthy, chemical- and glue-free massive timber products for wood building and the construction industry. Our patented technologies are rooted in Finnish know-how stretching back six generations. We are an active part of the growing bio and circular economy.

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