Glue-free Aalto Wood Bridges were carried to a hiking trail

5.06.2020 | News

Five Aalto Wood Bridges were carried, thanks to the component structure, by hand, to a beautiful nature route. The developers of the Jämsänkallio hiking trail needed to procure safe, load-bearing bridges to a special nature site. After comprehensive consideration of the surrounding nature, cost management, domestic design and manufacturing their decision was easy: the Aalto Wood Bridges met all their requirements.

Nature values are respected

The Jämsänkallio hiking trail is a 3 km long trail winding through the woods and cliffs, maintained by the Toholampi Alakylä Youth Association.
For the assembly of the bridges, motor vehicle transport was not allowed on the terrain that cherished natural values. The only bridge that met both logistical and ecological requirements was our Aalto Wood Bridge.

“No large machines or concrete mixers were used for installation. The bridge components were brought on site with wheelbarrows and backpacks, and the tools were hand-held – there were no traces left in nature,” says Mikko Hänninen, work manager at the development company Kase.

On-site installation of the Aalto Wood Bridge took place by stacking the wave profiled components on a rod. Construction noise was thus kept to a minimum. The occasional sound of a cordless drill was also limited to the essential use.


Transportation in to remote places, with difficult access

The total weight of the five Aalto Wood Bridges delivered was about 400 kg. Assembled, the dimensions of the bridges were three and five meters. A single bridge consists of individual, different-sized wave-profiled massive timber components that were tied to bundles of 10-15 pieces during transport. Some of the components were packed in backpacks, some in wheelbarrows. It was necessary to use only a cordless drill, a mallet, a screwdriver and a shovel as tools for installation. Everything needed was transported on foot. The bridge, which is designed to be conveniently packed into smaller parts, is most suitable also for remote places, with difficult access – such as mountainous areas, hiking trails, forests or to an island by a rowing boat.


Disassemble, move and reuse

If, for one reason or another, the location of the bridge should be changed, Aalto Wood Bridge can be easily dismantled into its component parts, as no glue has been used to attach them to each other. Thus, the bridge can be moved and rebuilt in another location. Or the bridge components can be used to build some completely other curved structure, such as an embankment where needed. 


Cost-effectiveness and natural values

Valuable natural sites, such as several hiking trails, aim to nurture biodiversity, species, geological formations and landscapes. In this case, it is important to take into account the suitability of the structures used and their effects on nature. In order to make cost-effectiveness and natural values fit into the same equation, it is necessary to look at the acquisition price as well as the life-cycle costs. Aalto Wood Bridge has a low initial cost, a strong structure and low maintenance. For example, tar paint treatment every few years is sufficient to keep the wood in good shape. Aalto Wood Bridge is also available with optional special wood raw materials with longer service intervals.


Nature tourism is strongly on the rise

In recent years, the number of visitors on nature trails has increased. Outdoor activities and recreational use of the forest give people pleasant experiences and increase well-being. On the flip side, there is concern about excessive wear on the route areas. It is a good idea to assess the condition of the hiking trails and, if necessary, improve them either by repairing the existing ones or building new ones so that the values of safety, quality and nature can be satisfied. Aalto Wood Bridges are light in weight, strong and glue-free – and in addition, take into account nature’s values from the time of transport to the place of use.
“Ecology and natural values. In addition, we paid attention to the versatility of the company’s product development, as wood has been made to transform in a number of ways. Design of the wave is well suited for the Jämsänkallio route,” concludes Hänninen, once considering the core reasons for the choice.


For more information:

Joakim Knutar, CEO,
tel. +358 50 300 9170

Aalto Wood Bridge: Made from a renewable resource, mostly pine, into glue-free massive timber. Bridges are built using Aalto Haitek’s patented WLT® (Wave Layered Timber) -method, which makes the bridges strong and easy to assemble, dismantle and transport to a new location.

Common places to use the Aalto Wood Bridges include yards, parks, green areas, forest trails, outdoor, fitness and snowmobile trails. Bridges are one of the products designed and manufactured by Aalto Haitek’s WLT® -method, which focuses on ecological, economic and aesthetic values. The company is part of Finland’s growing bio and circular economy.

Watch the video for how convenient it is to install the Aalto Wood Bridge on a scenic hiking trail.

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