New CEO appointed for Aalto Haitek

27.10.2020 | News

Joakim Knutar

Joakim Knutar has been selected as the new CEO of Aalto Haitek. Before joining Aalto Haitek Mr. Knutar worked in various international leadership positions.
Mr. Knutar has a Master of Science degree in Engineering. He has lived abroad for the past nine years, most recently in Hong Kong. Previous employers include Nokia and Comptel, among others. Mr. Knutar has extensive experience in the Asian and Chinese markets, which serves Aalto Haitek very well. Joakim lives in Espoo with his wife and their four children. His hobbies include cycling and beach volleyball.
“While still living in Hong Kong, I contacted Janne Honkala, Development Director of Aalto Haitek. Rather quickly, I was able to start getting to know the company first and then as CEO, ”Mr. Knutar explains how he ended up at Aalto Haitek.


“Aalto Haitek has a unique product for the massive wood market. We are able to truly stand out and offer a new alternative within wood construction. The ecological, cleanliness and modularity of WLT® technology will go a long way, ”says Mr. Knutar.
As a result of the covid, Aalto Haitek has had to change its plans. Holiday village projects and concept houses have been put on hold due to covid. As a result, Aalto Haitek has not yet been able to hire more people as planned. When covid is over, Aalto Haitek has a great opportunity to show its capabilities. Wood construction is the future. The Ministry of the Environment in Finland has also set new targets for public timber construction.

AALTO HAITEK on kestävän kehityksen edelläkävijä, joka suunnittelee, kehittää ja tuottaa innovatiivisia sekä terveellisiä tuotteita puurakennusalan tarpeisiin. Toiminnassamme patentoidut teknologiamme yhdistyvät kuuden sukupolven mittaiseen kokemukseen. Olemme osa Suomen kasvavaa bio- ja kiertotaloutta.

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