The knowledge and skills of our company have been refined through history,

our modern innovation enables us to bring a long tradition of

knowledge of woodwork into modern construction

Aalto Haitek – the story

Aalto Haitek’s innovation is rooted in six generations of woodworking know-how. According to family history, Aleksi Kustaanpoika Honkala, born in 1877, went all the way to America to teach Finnish timber construction techniques. A strong and tall man, he could carve a full-length timber beam, toss it on his shoulder and climb up the ladder to install it single-handedly on the roof.

About one hundred years later, Aleksi’s great-grandson Tapani Honkala came up with a concept for a new kind of construction component. As he was heating up the sauna, Tapani held in his hands an empty cardboard box from a building kit – sparking the idea of attachable wooden blocks that could enable anyone to build things without using glue.

Tapani’s nephew Janne Honkala worked as a specialist in repairing heritage houses, focusing on log buildings from the 18th and the 19th century. One day Janne went to visit his uncle who wanted to consult him about a bridge solution that he was working on. But Janne’s interest was quickly diverted when he realised the vast potential of Tapani’s new building method for all kinds of structures without using any chemicals. Based on this innovation and years of creative work, Janne Honkala founded
Aalto Haitek in 2017.

AALTO HAITEK is a leading sustainable company and part of the bio- and circular economy. We design, develop and manufacture innovative, healthy and additive-free timber products for wood building and the construction industry. Our patented technologies are rooted in know-how collected across six generations of wood construction in Finland.

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