World’s first glue-free and additive-free Wave Layered Timber® building comes into use

3.02.2020 | News

Developed by Aalto Haitek, Wave Layered Timber® (WLT®) enables construction with a safe, easy-to-manage and natural building material that does not use chemicals, nails or glues. The choice of an authentically natural and non-toxic material was an important starting point for the newly inaugurated building at Toholampi’s Sateenkaari nursery. Building with wood is proven to have a positive effect on indoor air quality. Research in learning environments also suggests that wood construction also has other benefits, such as stress reduction.

“The benefits of glue-free and additive-free WLT® structures are healthy indoor air, the other health effects wood has and a competitive price. A wood building also binds carbon for a long time and wood is a fully recyclable material,” says Aalto Haitek’s CEO Tiina Kapela.

The nursery started using the pavilion-style building made by Aalto Haitek at the turn of the year. The official opening of the building, named Kanervala and specially designed for the needs of the nursery’s outdoor group, was celebrated on January 31, 2020.

“It’s wonderful that our first building made with WLT® is for a children’s nursery. WLT® technology has attracted a great deal of international interest, for example in Japan.” Aalto Haitek has supplied the walls, floors and supporting structures for Kanervala. The internal stairs, roof and external terrace came from another supplier.

“Kanervala has been designed in partnership with the architectural firm Make A Place. It is a good example of how WLT® enables curved shapes, innovative design and is suitable for public construction,” Kapela says.


WLT® building supports the nursery activities and values ​​of early childhood education

“The kids were really looking forward to the new building and excited when they got to use it. Kanervala is a lovely bright space and fits well with the activities of our early childhood education program, which has nature at its core,” says the nursery outdoor group’s teacher Maria Leppänen.

The nursery applied to the Finnish National Agency for Education to fund the construction of Kanervala as part of the agency’s Fostering innovative learning environments in early childhood education project in 2018.

“The kindergarten’s highly innovative and development-oriented staff came up with a new concept of a pedagogical model for activities in nearby nature, based on learning from the wonder of nature, living in harmony with nature, and social and emotional skills,” explains, Eeva Päiviö, Director of Education and Culture, Municipality of Toholampi.

“Kanervala adds new value to the project because the space fits so well with the ideology behind our activities. There’s the physical compatibility and the non-toxic, genuinely natural material. I also see spiritual compatibility – wood has a good spirit, the spirit of the forest. I feel a certain pride whenever I pass by the building. It is a fun-looking building, and its physical shape will certainly attract a lot of interest.”

Popular base for eco-social education

Terhi Elamaa, Director of Early Childhood Education at Toholampi municipality, is pleased that the National Agency for Education approved a change to the original project plan, replacing the planned simple lean-to with Aalto Haitek’s multifunctional wood building.

“The kids and the staff have loved Kanervala. From the nursery perspective, it enables the outdoor group to operate as an autonomous unit. The ecological quality of the building is also important to us,” she says.


Aalto Haitek Ltd. is a pioneer in sustainable development which designs, develops and manufactures
innovative, additive-free and healthy products for the wood construction industry. Our patented
technologies are rooted in Finnish know-how stretching back six generations. We are an active part
of the growing bio and circular economy.

WLT® (Wave Layered Timber®) is an additive-free and glue-free massive wood structure developed
by Aalto Haitek. WLT® offers an ecological, sustainable, economical and aesthetic alternative even
for demanding structures and applications. WLT® is scalable and can be used in buildings and
bridges, for example. The ingenious combination of its wave profile and kiln drying technique gives
WLT® elements a homogenous, crack-free and tight structure.

Sateenkaari nursery at Toholampi established the first outdoor nursery group in Central
Ostrobothnia in Autumn 2019. The group has eight children engaged in early childhood education
conducted outdoors in the immediate environment. Sustainable development is a central theme in
the activities. A dissertation about the nursery’s outdoor group will be completed in the Spring.
Kanervala is a 70 square metre space commissioned and built by the municipality. The walls, floor
and support pillars have been built with Aalto Haitek’s massive wood elements..


More information on the health effects of wood construction in indoor use:


Aalto Haitek Ltd. is a leading sustainable company that designs, develops and manufactures innovative, healthy, chemical- and glue-free massive timber products for wood building and the construction industry. Our patented technologies are rooted in Finnish know-how stretching back six generations. We are an active part of the growing bio and circular economy.

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